411 on Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans come in countless shapes and sizes yet they have many things in common. The most basic common parts of ceiling fans are the down rod, the motor, the light kit, the fan blades, the wiring, the pull switches, the directional switch, and the fan pulls.

Kung Fu Maintenance Chapter 13 Fan Balance

Artwork From the Kung Fu Maintenance book Chapter 13

The wiring for a ceiling fan is usually black for the “hot” to the fan motor, (optional) blue for the wiring to an optional fan light kit, white for the neutral and green for the ground. Your country, area, or set up may have quite different arrangements so as in all writings always verify by reading the instructions for your ceiling fan and proper testing or proving.


Ceiling fans should only be hung from specially designed junction boxes. These are most often braced to the ceiling studs with a strong support arm. The wiring to the junction box in the USA is usually black for the “hot” either constant “hot” or hooked up to a swich, red or blue for the “hot” from a light switch for the ceiling fan light kit, white for the “neutral”, and green or bare copper wire for the ground.

If your wiring does not have a red or blue wire for hook up to a light switch than you can hook up the black and blue wire from the ceiling fan to the black “hot” wire at the junction box. For this set up a light kit will be controlled by the fan light pull switch alone or in combo with the fan if hooked up to one wall switch.

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