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Air conditioners come in countless types, setups, shapes and sizes yet they have many things in common. The most basic common parts (besides the refrigerant) of air conditions are split in two even if they coexist in one machine. They are most often called the evaporator and the condensor.

The “Evaporator” portion, often called “the air handler”, usually consists of the air filter, evaporator coil, evaporator fan blower, and the A/C plumbing ( smaller High side “gas” larger low side “liquid” made of a special type of copper labeled “ACR” that is joined with special types of silver solder and more recently, specifically designed glues having a very specific method of application), and a metering device, such as a thx valve or capillary tubes.

The Condensor portion usually consists of high and low side copper tubing, condensor coils, condensor fan with start capacitor, contactor, compressor, and the run capacitor. These are the basic components found on or in most air conditions.

All of the above are common components that will be discussed in further detail later on. Other slightly less common components to discuss in the future are, accumulators, hard start kits, access ports, schrader valves, service valves, filter driers, compressor protectors, disconnects, fuses, time delay fuses, breakers, wiring, wire leads, reversing valves, solenoids, condensate pans, condensate drains, and more.

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