How To Change Out A Diverter Stem For A Compression Type Shower to Tub Valve

This is how to replace a diverter valve on a compresion style tub set up
what you want to do is turn your diverter so your water drains down into your tub spout
You don’t have to turn off your water but you do want to make sure that the water
is drained from your shower head so that’s why you are
putting it down to your tub spout what you need to do is remove your index button by putting the knife
underneath there. This one has a
philips screw to remove the
And it’s a good idea to plug your toe stop
so you don’t loose your screw down the drain.
Next your going to undo your escuteon just a little bit. And than you can twist out
the sleeve like so
with the escuteon.
And you don’t want to grab it
on the ends because you don’t want to damage the threads especially on the ends.
Now this exposes our diverter valve. What you want to use is a deep socket set and slip that over the
body and than if you have a piece of laminated
paper or even a piece of paper. What you can do is
insert that into your hole.
And that way divert any water that, leftover water that may come out from the hole.
There is probably not really any water left
in here because
the deal is turned off but anyway just in case
And theres the old diverter valve and the washer. Were also gonna look to make sure this little flat washer came with it
take a peek inside there
to make sure everything is out of there which it is
prepare our new diverter valve
theres our old one. You can see our new one has the same washer
the same washers here
and we’re going to want to finger tighten the sleeve and then we’re
gonna want to wrap teflon tape around there.
Now you really don’t have to
but I recommended it in that it will make it
easier to remove it
in the future should you need to.
And the best way to wrap teflon tape is like so, with the teflon tape at the back
hold it on with your finger
skip the first one or two threads
to avoid cross threading
if you need to twist it a little bit
so that you can skip the first
one or two threads you can do that
and you are just going to go three or four turns around.
Give it a nice coating of teflon.
It’s kind of funny teflon
pans are what we cook with, so, that shows you
that it keeps the food and everything
from sticking against there
same principle here makes it easier to
remove in the future
but it also
fills in any regular gaps in the material. Undo our diverter valve all the way. You can see
how it pushes this out.
And this is why this is a compression style diverter valve. It has got a bibb washer here.
You can rebuild these if you need to by replacing the bibb washer
as well as
replacing the sleeve
washer that’s inside here
That’s another story.
I will have to make a video on that one someday. For now this
is replacing the whole deal
and these are almost cheap enough to replace the whole deal.
Anyway, here goes. Insert it nice and easy
and hand turn it in to
avoid getting it cross threaded feel for it
to make sure everything is good there.
Slip our deep socket
over the top and tighten it up nice and tight. And go a quarter turn past tight.
There we go.
Nice and snug there.
And now we are ready to test it for any leaks.
So I am going to unclog my drain for a minute.
And I am going to go ahead and turn the water on,
and look inside there.
And we are going to try to set it on the tub
So that it goes into the tub. So here goes.
Everything is working like it should and we are going to look for any leaks inside there. And feel around inside there. It looks like we are good. No leaks there. Everything is working like it should. So now peaking in there, I’ll aim my shower head away, I am going to switch the diverter to the shower portion.
That is to the shower portion and everything is working like it should.
Switch it back to the tub.
And we have no leaks there. So were good there.
Resetting our faucet handle.
We are just going to spin the sleeve back in till it
tightens all the way up.
And we want to make sure this sleeve tightens all the way down
into the handle. And we’re good there.
Than we can go ahead and tighten the escutcheon.
and this is a good point to clean
up our escutcheon here. And we are going to make sure the rest of our escutcheons
are tightened up nice and good. So that everything seats against the tub enclosure.
And than we’re ready to insert our handle.
Tomorrow I am getting some
new handles so this
handles not going to be the prettiest handle in the world.
I will be replacing it tomorrow so no big deal here.
Just going to show you how it is done. And than the diverter gets set down. That way
when we turn on the water it’s showing that it is going down into the tub spout. And when we turn it up for the shower it’s showing that it is going up to the shower. That’s how to replace a diverter stem for a compression style fitting.

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