5 Often Occurring Troubles With Dishwashers

just wanted to through a bunch of things today
on dishwashers
If you ever see water coming from right here running down
you can see like a calcium deposit or you see water dripping from that side
usually what it is is a stuck float switch
now these float switches on this particular model
have a little phillips screw back here that comes off
And it is usually just soap scum, soap scum just builds up inside there
and it will look a lot worse than it actually is but it is actually just soap residue left behind
So let me show you here I’m not sure, this one is not leaking like I was saying but
oh yeah, you can see all the soap residue inside there well this
little cup floats up as the water fills and engages this little switch here releases that
little switch and that’s how the water knows
well that’s how the dishwasher you know is told to shut the water off
so anyway we gotta clean all this stuff out here
and that is how you fix that problem
So I’m gonna clean this one all out since I am turning the unit
that way
when someone moves in
they don’t have a surprise the first time they use the dishwasher
Up here on the dishwasher this is your air gap
now if you ever see water
spit out of this air gap
it’s an indication
of the garbage disposal drain line
being clogged from the dishwasher air gap
under here you can see this line going into the garbage disposal, this is
our disposal to drain line and this gets built up with gunk and food so you got to
undo the clamp here and clear this line out or replace the line
one of the two of and for stubborn ones you can hook it up
a hose bibb and just flush it out, clean it out
there’s another way to do it also where you can take a brush
and run it down
inside here
remove this cap here
Now if your dishwasher wasn’t draining
that would be a good time to check inside this cap also
often there is a
set this down so I can get my other hand on it
anyways you just squeeze these two clips in and than just pull the cap right out
I don’t know if you saw that but there is like a chicken bone down there
sometimes if you’re disposal drain is not draining
it’s time to check this here
in order to get that chicken bone to float back up what I’m gonna try and do is dump some water down inside there and see if it will float up to the top for me
sometimes it will float right up when the line is filled
If it’s light enough, I’ve seen it with pieces of plastic and such
It’s full now
but nope it’s not going to float up there for me but if it was like a plastic toothpick
or something like that sometimes you can get it to float up so what I will have to do is just run this through the drain cycle for just a second and its gonna shoot water up and all but I’ve got to shoot that out of there
anyway I will come back to that later I just wanted to show you guys a bunch of stuff
with dishwashers
Sometimes these
the spring for this gets
broken off, often they come off
and you can separate the two halves of the door and than reset the spring, it’s a little
tricky but you just gotta get a place, to find, to reset that spring latch
sometimes it takes a little bit of an adjustment to get it, let’s see
this one’s working ok, well it is not very strong so this one looks like possibly
the spring has come off
because it should
only open automatically when it gets to the right point
yeah this one is
definitely broken so that needs to be reworked
to reset the spring
What else can I show you?
the impeller will get stuck
dishwashers, there is four screws that hold the bottom trim plate on
and each type of impeller is a little bit different
this particular model has like
a fan connected to it and you can just turn the
fan blades to unstick the impeller
Let me remove these four screws. Other kinds you will have to use like a screwdriver
like two screwdrivers and kind of wedge it against the
motor impeller in order to un stick the impeller
You just kind of keep turning it until it gives
You’ll feel it be like really tough for a bit
and than all of a sudden it will move really easy
This is probably going to be a little nasty
in here
got our sound insulation here
keeping the noise out
the impeller
if you had turned the
dishwasher on and you hear like a humming but it’s not kicking on that’s
usually your impeller stuck
make sure you turn the power off
and than
reach right back here and I don’t know if you can really see it that well but let me see if I can get my
flashlight going here to give you guys a lookie loo
put you inside there
a little bit and
I don’t know if you can see the fan blades
there but I’m going to turn them with my other hand
anyway sometimes if they were like really hard to turn at first
and than it will just give and it will spin freely
It should spin nice and freely and that is how you can unstick those if it was stuck
other kinds you’ll see the impeller shaft
right here and you’ll be able to turn it
anyway that is a little bit about dishwashers there
some of the most common things you will come across maintenance wise

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