Refrigerator Not Cooling First Thing To Check For

Got A fridge not cooling here
and you can hear the compressors kicked on
but you can hear one of the first things to check for is that the fan is not kicking on
so it could just be that the fan is stuck
what we’re gonna do is remove this ice tray deal
just by pushing up here
and sliding this out and there is two screws on the back that hold the fan channel in
so I’m gonna remove these two screws here
and this is one of the first things to check for when you’ve got a fridge that is not cooling
check for a stuck fan motor first
now that may not be the only thing going on
lift this fan channel up here and slide it out
and there is our fan, you can see it’s not spinning very fast
It should be spinning faster than that
And chances are what it is is that it is too close
the fan blade is too close
see how it was rubbing against the back
and that’s why it wasn’t spinning very fast
so what I’m gonna do is pull that forward a little bit more
it’s probably a little bit safer to
turn the power off first but I’m just gonna get this done
I took the whole thing off there
anyway place this on and now it’s out a little bit more and doing what it should now that was keeping the air from being able to blow down into the fridge and the freezer wasn’t circulating the air like it should
behind the fan channel on this side it’s got an adjustment here
you usually don’t have to adjust these to much
but if you wanted your freezer to be colder or needed your freezer to be colder you can adjust this dial by pulling out and turning that, each model has it’s own peculiarities. Ok now that we’ve got the fridge fixed theoretically what we need to check for is
under the pan to see if there is any ice there which there probably is and the freezer drain line is probably clogged
The way we can tell this is if we’ve got water dripping
down here
which we do so were going to need to clear that out
but I will put that on the next video.

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